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CSI: Miami Chip/Tuck (HD, TV-14) A murder case involving an extreme plastic surgery operation is linked to Ron Saris, Julia's former partner and husband, who is alive and looking for revenge.
Major Crimes Sorry I Missed You (HD, TV-14) The team undertakes a complex investigation involving a celebrity chef, a pediatric psychiatrist and his young wife when a dead body pops out of a car trunk.
Seinfeld The Shoes (HD, TV-PG) George is caught staring at the cleavage of the daughter of the NBC executive who is approving their script; Jerry meets an old girlfriend he never could kiss.
Seinfeld The Old Man (HD, TV-PG) Jerry, Elaine and George volunteer to help the elderly; Kramer and Newman attempt to make money by selling old records to a used record store.

The Lucy Show Lucy Gets Her Maid (TV-G) Lucy hires a maid to fit in with the upper-crusted Danfield Art Society, but she has to take on a job of cleaning house herself to afford the added expense.
The Lucy Show Lucy Gets the Bird (TV-G) When Mooney's talking pet bird flies the coop while under the supervision of Lucy and Viv, they buy another one to take its place and hope no one notices.
The Lucy Show Lucy, the Coin Collector (TV-G) Lucy gets a bright idea when Jerry's penny is valued at 50 cents; she and Viv painstakingly sort through $20 worth of change to find one of substantial value.
The Lucy Show Lucy and the Missing Stamp (TV-G) Lucy works as a traveling vacuum salesperson and tries to pitch a sale to Mooney but ends up accidentally vacuuming up his newly purchased, pricey stamp.
The Lucy Show Lucy Meets Danny Kaye (TV-G) Lucy encounters the variety hour host and pleads with him to get tickets to the show after she can't fulfill her promise to the family to get them herself.
The Lucy Show Lucy and the Ceramic Cat (TV-G) Lucy and Viv are supposed to keep an eye on Mrs. Mooney's birthday gift, but they clumsily drop and destroy it in the process, making a mad dash to replace it.
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